Why Us?

We are in the day an age where its easier than ever to shop around, comparison sites, review sites search engines and social media all play a big role in helping you the consumer find the best deal.

With multiple choices its more important than ever for businesses to stand out. What makes one business better or different than another?

Firstly its important for us to not be “standard” by that I mean we don’t follow what most other photobooth companies do. We like to set ourselves apart and make our own rules and since we keep getting 5 star reviews and recommendations I think we are going in the right direction.

Below I will list 8 reasons that make us different.

We Build Our Own Machines.

We build all our photobooths at our base in Nottingham. This allows us to add customisations you don’t see elsewhere. Things like electronic height adjustment, personalised signs, led animations and built in sound systems.

Green Screen Endless Possibilities.

Green screen allows your guests to choose from 85+ backgrounds each time they use the photobooth increasing the fun factor. One minute you can be on the beach the next you could be standing on the surface of the moon or in-front of the famous Las Vegas sign. If you have a theme we can cater for that too 1920’s, country and western, 007 we have an ever growing library of theme digital backgrounds.

I wrote an article explaining in more detail about the green screen photobooth experience.

We carry backup equipment.

We carry backup equipment with every photobooth – this really should be an industry standard. Technology can have a tendency to fail when you least expect it. Cameras, printers and computers can all fail at any point. This is why we carry backup equipment for every part of the photobooth. Whilst equipment failure is rare its our responsibility to ensure your hire is enjoyable and nothing gets in the way of you and your guests having fun.

Photo’s That Make Memories.

We try to go above and beyond where ever possible. Very easy statement to make so here is an example. We had a customer who also hired an Elvis tribute act. She really loves Elvis, I spoke with the singer and asked him if he would be happy to have a surprise picture with the birthday girl at the end of the night. We come to the end of our hire and turn off our lights (making it look like where packing away) Elvis comes out on stage signing Happy Birthday and everyone joins in.

We change the background to one of our Las Vegas backgrounds. Elvis brings the birthday girl over to the booth, still singing happy birthday we switch all the lights back on to take a photo, the smile on her face was priceless! A great photo goes in her complementary guestbook, we swap business cards with Elvis and hand the book over to the birthday girl.

Animated Gifs Included In Downloads.

Animated GIF’s & online password protected gallery. 24 hours after your event we email you with a code to download all digital images. This consists of a digital copy of your prints, larger versions of the individual images and an animated GIF of the individual images.

Going Up Stairs.

We can cater to function rooms upstairs with or without lift access. Our machine’s can be split in half for easier transportation. All we ask is that you let us know before the attendant arrives at your venue.

We don’t put our branding on your prints.

We don’t put any of our branding on your prints. We feel this is very unprofessional. Our customers pay good money for our service, and we feel we don’t need to put our website address or business name on your prints.

This also means there is more space for your branding or personal message.

Electronic Height Adjustment.

If you have children or wheel chair users at your event, they can use the photobooth just like anyone else without the need for assistance.

All machines come with electronic height adjustment from people 7ft tall to children 3ft tall in less than 3 seconds. This means people of all heights can come and go as they wish with no downtime.

Our Corporate Clients